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Fri Karelen

Förening av karelska språkets vänner

Radio "Onegaborg" is independent internet-radiostation from Karelia.

- What makes our radio station special?

Although the number of the so called "official" radio stations is already quite big in Karelia, none of them pays any attention to the modern Karelian music. We have a lot of talented musicians and bands in Karelia, and they play in a wide range of different styles of music. When they got to know about our project they willingly gave us their songs for us to broadcast them. And thanks to our radio station those songs are now being listened to worldwide.

- Is it a for-profit radio station?

For now the project is completely not for profit and is based solely on our enthusiasm. However, we are still ready to publish advertisements of small businesses from Karelia on our website. We hope they'll get to appreciate the significance of the project like ours fairly soon.

- What does Onegaborg mean?

Onegaborg refers to the name of the ancient town which existed in the place of modern Petrozavodsk. It was marked on the maps of Mercator and Ortelius. One can assume that our radiostation tries to revive this memory of our ancestors' town in the memory of people living in modern Karelia.

- Is it a music radio station only?

Unfortunately we don't have any opportunity to broadcast news so far. However we plan to start broadcasting various talk shows on topical social issues - new civil projects and activities of different kind, tourist brands of our republic. Besides, some art topics with poets and writers of Karelia might be discussed too.

- Is there any possibility of this radio station being broadcasted as FM-radio?

We believe that modern day technology will make it possible to broadcast our radio everywhere via the internet only. Wi-fi connection gains popularity all over Petrozavodsk and new wi-fi hotspots appear. Establishing our own radiostation is a hard task considering the expenses and Russian bureaucracy.